Sõsar story

“Sõsar” is inspired by the perfect harmony of our incredible Nordic nature. The meaning of “Sõsar” in an ancient Finno-Ugric language is “sister”, which for us represents the love and care we have for one another as well as for the environment surrounding us. We create cosmetics with love while respecting and cherishing the cycle of our Nordic nature. We bow to our nature and care for her as for our sister, by only using sustainable resources, Nordic plants and carefully selected essential oils. Each product is packaged into recyclable and environmentally friendly package to preserve the beauty surrounding us. Our ingredients come from small local farmers to support the communities who have dedicated their lives to organic farming.

We create Sõsar products using our ancestors secret recipes and local folk medicine, combined with modern day science. The ancient untouched forests, mystical bogs and quiet beaches are like wonderful temples where to gather our strength, health and inspiration. Sõsar has captured that incredible Nordic nature into a jar so that no matter how far, you too could feel the magic of our magnificent nature.

Sõsar story began with three young ladies, whose dream was to create cosmetics they couldcompletely trust. They decided to combine their skills, knowledge, and passion with the gifts of nature, to help your skin look healthy and beautiful.


After becoming a mother Kerttu became more concerned about harmful chemicals surrounding us in our daily lives.  For the benefit of her family’s health, she has minimised the use of chemically processed products, such as foods, household chemicals, and cosmetic products, and found natural alternatives instead. She has become passionate about gathering her own herbs, berries and other goods from the Estonian wilderness and using them for food preparation as well as for skin care products.

What motivates Kerttu to run Sõsar is her desire to provide her loved ones with pure and natural products and being 100% sure of the source and quality of each individual ingredient. With her intelligence and desire for perfection, she is absolutely irreplaceable in running our business and reaching the goals we have set for the future.


Piret is educated in Estonian Folk Medicine, an important part of which is herbal medicine. In addition to that she has studied aroma therapy. For many years Piret has given lectures and workshops about organic living, specifically concentrating on children’s well-being. She is also a yoga instructor as well as a massage therapist, all of which makes her an expert in knowing what is good for our body as well as for our soul, and creating harmony between them.

What motivates her to work with Sõsar is the opportunity to offer quality skin care products to the rest of the world, reduce ecological footprint and to support her local community. She relishes the opportunity to use the healing power of Nordic plants and pure, high quality ingredients while developing and preparing Sõsar’s products.


Having lived in many different countries around the world, Triin has learnt to greatly appreciate the pristine and unique Estonian nature. The idea to start producing natural handmade cosmetics came from her desire to share the hidden secrets of the unspoilt beauty of the nature with her friends around the world. With Sõsar’s skin care products, she is now able to send them a little bit of Estonia, even when they are unable to visit.

Triin has studied Chemistry and International Sales and Marketing, very different from each other but both necessary for developing and running Sõsar. She is in charge of export sales as well as making sure all our products and packages are free of harmful chemicals.  She is determined to run the business sustainably, making sure we use our resources wisely and take good care of our environment.