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Sõsar Peat Collection

Cosmetic peat, having settled in ancient Estonian bogs for thousands of years, has almost mystical healing abilities. The Nordic bogs, deep within the sacred forests, have always been the places to find beauty and tranquility.

Peat, coming from deep underneath the forest lakes, enriched with mineral waters, works wonders on your skin. Its qualities have been thoroughly studied and have been proven to give remarkable results.


The cosmetic qualities of peat are:

  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Enriches skin with oxygen and nutrients
  • Deep cleanses, detoxifies and softens the skin.
  • Absorbs excess oil
  • Balances skin tone
  • Decelerates aging processes
  • Leaves skin silky smooth

Sacred Forest Peat Mask 90ml/150ml

Peat mask balances the skin and helps stabilise oil production – either increase or decrease the process depending on what the skin needs. It helps to decelerate aging processes, is deep cleansing, moisturising and effective in removing toxins, leaving your skin smooth and toned. Peat is ideal for weekly skin care and can be used on face, scalp and body to maintain a healthy balanced skin.

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Sacred Forest Peat Mask 30ml

The 30ml tube of Sacred Forest Peat Mask is meant for one time use. It is ideal to bring with you on holidays as it is exactly what your skin needs to restore its healthy glow after a long journey and it is light and easy to carry in your luggage.

The mask balances your skin, is deep cleansing, moisturising and effective in removing toxins, leaving your skin smooth and toned.

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Sacred Forest Peat Soap

The sweet melissa smelling peat soap is bioactive and deep cleansing. It helps to find skins natural balance and can be used for face as well as body wash. The soap is meant for daily use. Suitable for all skin types.




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