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Sõsar Mud Collection

Peloid, or commonly known as healing mud, has been used for centuries for health and cosmetic purposes. Peloid has played an important role in the local traditional medicine of the Nordic countries such as Norway, Sweden and Estonia.
The mud used in Sõsar products is excavated from mineral deposits deep within the Baltic Sea. Scientists have studied the cosmetic qualities of the mud and can confirm the substance to have the perfect balance to make your skin look healthy and beautiful.


The cosmetic qualities of mud are:

• Restores skin’s natural balance
• Hydrates the skin to lengthen its texture and liveliness
• Effectively removes harmful toxins and dangerous pollutants
• Unclogs pores which results in purified and younger looking skin
• Leaves skin silky smooth
• Revitalises skin complexion
• Increases skin’s clarity and health

Misty Sea Mud Mask 90ml/150ml

The mask is recommended especially for people with dry and sensitive skin, although it work wonders for all skin types. Mud improves blood circulation in your skin and as a result eliminates toxins and stimulates natural cell metabolism, allowing oxygen and nutrients to penetrate all layers of the skin. Only 10-15 minutes a week is enough to give you a beautiful glowing complexion.

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Misty Sea Body Mask 250ml

In addition to being perfect for your face, mud has many benefits for your body. It improves the blood circulation in your skin and brings out toxins; hence it helps reduce cellulite, stretchmarks, and other skin problems. Mud also acts as a gentle body scrub, leaving the skin soft and smooth. The body mask is especially good to use in 60-70C° sauna but also works well in a hot bath or shower.

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Wild Man Mud Soap

Bioactive deep cleansing mud soap for men has a refreshing rosemary aroma. It leaves the skin clear and moisturised and can be used for both face and body wash. The soap is meant for daily use. Suitable for all skin types.



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