A Beautiful Mother

14 Sep A Beautiful Mother

A few years back, while expecting my first baby boy, I was absolutely convinced that my maternity leave would be a time dedicated to me and my precious baby. There would be months of free time ahead with no need to worry about work problems. Yes, I was becoming a well-groomed beautiful mother, soon walking to the sunset in an elegant dress, happily pushing the pram in front of me.

But of course, as every mother knows, the illusion was quick to vanish. As soon as my sweetheart was born it become clear that motherhood wasn’t the holiday I had imagined. The new life chapter I had just entered was hectic. I quickly become empathetic to all the moms in sweatpants and ponytails I’d previously encountered and looked at in utter confusion to how they care so little for their looks. But suddenly, lovely hairdos and sexy red lips were gone from my life too.

For a while it was quite alright to stroll around comfortably, until the moment I realised that a whiny little worm inside me was raising its head. My complaining about my busy and exhausting life had gone too far. Yes, I must admit, my little darling in not exactly an angel. While other kids build sand castles and their mothers envy their friends summer photos on Instagram, I’m running around restlessly like a confused animal, trying to stop my little ball of energy from rolling off or climbing up something or eating stuff that modern day science has not yet been able to define. Believe me, he is capable of finding things that no human has ever seen before, and stick it in his mouth or nose at incredible speeds.
I suddenly realised it wasn’t the busy life, energetic child or countless times of pointlessly washing the floor or cleaning that caused my restlessness. I was unhappy with myself. I had lost my confidence and satisfaction for being a beautiful woman.

War to the whiny worm
As a rational person, I decided to compromise. Of course, it was unthinkable to visit beauty salons every day or spend hours in front of the mirror. I had to find a way to pamper my body so it wouldn’t have to be hidden beneath a thick layer of cosmetics to look good.
One day a dear friend of mine presented me with an exciting gift, which at first glance seemed to be a cream-like substance. But, to my surprise, it was pure mud! I mean, a mud mask. Honestly, I have never put much effort into my looks, foundation and powder always seemed the simplest ways to cover my imperfections. Having a face mask with sliced cucumbers over my eyes just seemed like a weird trend from Hollywood chick flicks. But, she gave it to me with the best intentions so the mud mask was worth a try.

With the mask and without
One day, when my boy was enjoying his sweet dreams during an afternoon nap, I decided to throw the cleaning rag aside and let the water run for my bath. Behind the closed bathroom doors, which is a rare luxury in a life with a child, those two hours were mine and mine alone.
The comment about the mask being natural was no exaggeration. When I opened the jar, the first thing I encountered was the smell, the mud was proudly worthy of its name. But being used to all kinds of unearthly smells in the past year, the natural smell of the mud didn’t put me off the slightest. Applying the mask was surprisingly easy, I just smeared it on effortlessly, like I would with cream. After a while I simply rinsed the mud off with water. The whole procedure was done in about a quarter of an hour and I was feeling fresh and pampered.

The jar with the remaining mud found its place in my fridge, where on the very same night, it draw the attention of my mother who had come to babysit the little one. I gave her a quick overview of what it was and went off to a movie date with my fiancé.
When we got back, granny had put the child to sleep and was washing the floor, face camouflaged with the mud mask. 
The mask has become our little beauty secret since. It’s a simple and enjoyable procedure that doesn’t even need to be planned to fit the busy schedule.

I no longer have to cover myself with the mask of powder and foundation every day and I know how rewarding it is to take care of myself, it makes me happy and gives energy to carry on with the daily tasks. The whiny worm within me decided to move out too, and joyful peace took its place.

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